What's My Home Worth

Maria Schilling Home Value Report

The automated values from websites like Zillow.com, as well as the tool below, pull their data primarily from public record websites like the local PVA sites which value your home for property tax purposes. Values can be close to market values for some AVMs and way off for others, as well as for different properties.

Part of the value accuracy disparity is caused by individual AVM algorithms, and the data sets with which those algorithms have been trained. AVMs do not work well for farms, land lots, condos and multi-family properties like duplexes and triplexes. AVMs are also less accurate when valuing properties that are unusual, much larger than average, or have particularly distinctive features.

This report will provide you a large variety of information including value history, recent comparables and a general market snapshot. Computer models can only do so much, to find the most accurate value of your property, contact Maria. Growing up in the business, as a third generation realtor, Maria knows the home values throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati better than any computer generated model.

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