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The Buying Process

Maria Huff Schilling

From home search to moving day, I’ve got you covered!

Buying a home is a complex process.

As your Northern Kentucky REALTORⓇ, my desire is to help you find the home of your dreams in the
Northern Kentucky area. I’ll stay with you from beginning to end and through the ups and downs until we find the home that makes you feel like you’re truly living in a world you’ve always dreamed of. Because the right home can take you to the next level. The right home will bring you peace, comfort, and joy — and with all that goodness comes more space to work on other areas of your life.

So - let’s get started! Let’s take a quick look at the process that will make your home dreams come true.

Step 1

Contact Me - Your Northern Kentucky REALTORⓇ

If you’ve been giving thought to moving or buying your first home in Northern Kentucky, it’s time to call your local REALTORⓇ. Speaking with a real estate professional from the very beginning of your home search will set you on the path to finding the right home with the least amount of headache.

Here are a few things we’ll discuss in our initial conversation:
➔ Your timeline for moving and getting into a new home
➔ Your wants and needs for your future home
➔ Your preliminary budget
➔ Advice on working with a REALTORⓇ and how to navigate the current real estate market
➔ Next Steps!

Going over these few simple items will help me know how to best serve you as your Northern Kentucky REALTORⓇ and will give you an idea of what to expect in the process. This will keep us both on the same page and set up great communication from the very beginning!

Step 2

Talk with a Lender

During our initial call, we’ll discuss some lending options. If you have a lender you’d like to work with just let me know! Otherwise, I can get you in touch with a Northern Kentucky area lender that will work with your specific budget and lending needs.

I recommend checking with 1-3 lenders for your pre-approval. Checking with multiple lenders will help you feel more confident in your pre-approval and interest rate because it can vary from lender to lender.
Getting your pre-approval is pivotal in moving onto the next step in the process → looking at homes!

Step 3

Search for Homes

OK — this is the fun part! Less talk about logistics and more talk about what you want!

Once we have your pre-approval and have determined your budget I’ll get you set you up on a home search so you can get up-to-date listings sent to your email. The search will be set up for homes that fit the parameters of what you need and want.

Once you find a property you’d like to see, I’ll set up the showing! We’ll be in close communication throughout this process and I’ll help talk you through decisions of whether to put in an offer or NOT to put in an offer.

I would also suggest checking out details about local communities by clicking here → Northern Kentucky Communities. This may give you some insightful information to help you with your decision on what Northern Kentucky areas you’d like to see.

Step 4

Making an Offer

You’ve been searching for homes and you’ve found one that feels just like home. We talk it over and it’s time to put in an offer!

Putting in an offer requires a lot of paperwork but don’t worry, I’ll have everything all set up so it’s an easy process for you. Rest assured, if you have any questions on what you’re signing I’ll be available to answer your questions.

Before we submit your offer we will discuss the appropriate price to offer and any other special requests or contingencies that you may need to include.

Step 5

Home Inspection

Once you’ve found the home for you and your offer has been accepted, we move forward with the home inspection!

Home inspections can be waived in some circumstances but my suggestion will be to get the home inspection whenever possible. This will point out any major problems with the property and help you feel more secure and confident in your home purchase.

If there are minor issues found during the inspection you will have time to request the seller fix these issues and if there are BIG problems found, you will have the opportunity to void the contract. I can walk you through this process so we can keep it as simple as possible for you and the seller.

Step 6

Finalize the Paperwork

✓ Your home inspection is complete
✓ Necessary repairs have been agreed upon
➔ It’s time to move on to finalizing paperwork for your mortgage and await the clear to close from your lender!


Step 7

Closing Day!!

You’ve provided all the necessary paperwork to your lender and your mortgage has been finalized — YOU ARE CLEAR TO CLOSE! I’ll get the final word from the lender and let you know right away.

Then we schedule a time that works for everyone to meet at a Northern Kentucky closing company, sign the papers and get the keys to YOUR NEW HOME!

As your trusted Huff REALTORⓇ, I will be there at the closing table to make sure nothing is missed and all your questions are answered. Your home sweet home is just around the corner.

Step 8

Moving In

After closing, all that’s left to do is finalize any personal touches you’d like to make to your home before you move in. If you need any recommendations for vendors or contractors I will be ready to provide those for you. That includes movers, designers, landscapers and more!

Step 9

From Me to You

Once you’ve closed on your amazing new home I want you to know that I am always available for your questions and concerns. Never hesitate to reach out to me for:
➔ Vendor recommendations
➔ Home renovation suggestions and tips
➔ Interest in investing
➔ If you’re thinking about selling your home
➔ Home assessment for a market value of your home

I have created a Facebook group where you can join and ask questions and be a part of what I am doing as a REALTORⓇ in the Northern Kentucky community! I’d love for you to be a part of it! Once we have worked together I’ll send you an invite so you can join easily or if you’d like to join now, just send me a message!

I am so thankful for every one of my clients and am happy to provide useful real estate tools and information to you whenever you need it. Please use my website as a tool for educated information in real estate.

If you’re ready to start searching for a home – give me, your Northern Kentucky REALTORⓇ a call! It’s time to start the process on step 1 and I can’t wait to see you on closing day!

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